There are few things more painful and traumatic in life than a divorce. The decision to terminate a marriage has a tremendous emotional impact on you and your loved ones and can be devastating to your financial future. When choosing the right attorney to help guide you through the process, you want someone who listens to you and is there for you at all times. You want someone who is experienced. You also want someone who is there to protect you and advocate for you. I consider it my solemn responsibility to help guide you through this difficult process in a manner that helps you achieve your long term goals to preserve your dignity, protect your parental rights and ensure a fair and equal division of community property. I will be the only attorney handling your case from beginning to end. When possible, I will help you negotiate and document an agreement with your spouse that is both fair and equitable. I offer mediation services and strongly believe in the concept of a collaborative divorce. If necessary, I will be your most zealous advocate in court. My goal is to get you through the process with as little pain and trauma as possible so that you can achieve a fresh start with your life without sacrificing your financial future and your relationship with your children.