Mediation Basics:
Information on resolving small claims disputes outside of court, including how mediation works and where to find a mediator.

Center for Civic Mediation (Los Angeles):
Community mediation services offering voluntary, confidential mediation sessions in and around Los Angeles. Issues include landlord/tenant, consumer/merchant, family/divorce, small claims, employment, ownership and more.

LA County Department of Consumer Affairs Mediation Services:
Offering free mediations services to residents and businesses of Los Angeles County in the areas of landlords and tenants, businesses and customers, contractors and homeowners, and more.

Central District Mediation:
Mediation program of the US Bankruptcy Court of the Central District of California. Offers services in bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings.

Collaborative Divorce:
A statewide organization of collaborative practice groups offering services in the areas of family law, employment law, probate law, malpractice and other civil law areas.